Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL)

The AEL is a state of the art, electronically enhanced, computerized classroom that puts cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of NASA SEMAA students in middle and high school; it engages students in real world challenges in both aeronautics and space exploration. The AEL houses real aerospace hardware and software including an Advanced Flight Simulator, a laboratory-grade research wind tunnel, a short-wave radio receiver, and hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) for aviation.

Classes conducted in the AEL use different scenarios to cover all of NASA's science and technical missions. In addition to serving as a laboratory for SEMAA classes, the AEL also engages community groups, outside organizations and the general public in exciting outreach programs conducted year-round. The AEL workstations are equipped with aerospace hardware and software which simulates real-world challenges in the areas of aeronautics and microgravity.