Did You Know?
North Georgia trees are being killed by an exotic invader!

One of the biggest tree deaths in US history is occurring right now in the mesic forests of north Georgia. The majestic Eastern Hemlock (the Canadian Hemlock ,Tsuga canadensis, as well as the Carolina Hemlock Tsuga caroliniana) are succumbing to an invasive sap-sucking insect from east Asia. Read More >>

Why do deciduous trees change color in the fall?

This time of year the beautiful colors of the trees are very noticeable. Why do trees “change” their summer green leaves to the brilliant reds, yellows, purples, and oranges which we associate with autumn? Read More >>

Not all plants do photosynthesis

That’s right, there are true plants that lack chlorophyll and live their lives as consumers. In other words they are not autotrophs or producers. Read More >>

Birds change colors

The Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivace) is quite recognizable to most bird watchers, but it can be tricky to identify, especially during fall migration. The problem lies with understanding a couple of things about bird plumage. Read More >>

The monarch butterfly is in serious danger of disappearing from North America

This much beloved butterfly, voted the state butterfly of seven different states and the symbol of cooperation between Canada, the United States and Mexico is in deep trouble. Read More >>