Number: I.K. 008
Levels: Early Elementary and Special Education
Check-out time: Expendable kit -- nothing to be returned to Fernbank. For children to see seedling development, kit should be ordered before May 1.


This hands-on planting kit teaches young gardeners how to plant and care for a variety of vegetables. Students learn not only the steps to successful planting but also the responsibilities involved.


Packages of: lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, tomato seeds, radish seeds, lima bean seeds, carrot seeds
Package of fertilizer
30 peat pots
6 quarts of soil mix
Planting tray
30 plastic labels
30 small plastic pots

Notes: Teachers or students will need to provide: plastic wrap; clean gallon milk jug to mix fertilizer with water; watering container; additional clean milk cartons or styrofoam cups; and additional potting soil if needed. For outdoor planting, teachers will need a shovel, hoe and rake to work the soil for a garden plot and a trowel for planting.