Unique Rose

The Mary Adrienne rose, named for Mary Hiers, former Fernbank Director, has been planted in the Robert L. Staton Rose Garden. The plant is available for sale through Fernbank Science Center by calling 678-874-7102 and asking for Connie Kneisel. Proceeds from the sale of Mary Adrienne help support the rose garden.

Fact Sheet
Mary Adrienne
(cv.WEKswetrup) PPR
Incarnadine Coral Floribunda/Shrub

  • Class: Shrub
  • Plant Habit: Medium-low height
  • Growth Habit: Very rounded, bushy and full
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Foliage Color: Even green washed with gray
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent
  • Flower Color: Deep coral to shining orange-red
  • Bud Form: Long and pointed, in clusters
  • Flower Form: Double, ruffled
  • Flower Size: Medium, about 3-inch diameter
  • Petal Count: 25 to 30
  • Fragrance: Mild apple
  • Parentage: Sweet Chariot x Trumpeter
  • Hybridizer: Tom Carruth
  • Introducer: Weeks Roses

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