Meadow Jumping Mouse
Zapus hudsonius


  • Head and body 3-3 1/3 in.; tail 4-5 4/5 in.
  • Weight ½-4/5 oz. (14-22 g)
  • Olive yellow in color
  • Long, scantily haired tail
  • Large hind feet
  • Skull has 18 teeth

Prefers low meadows for feeding, but is not restricted to any other land habitat.

Primarily nocturnal. They feed on seeds, insects, and fruits. Their winter nest is 2-3 ft. beneath the surface in a well-drained site and they hibernate in October or November and emerge in April through May. Their summer nest is on the surface or beneath brush, logs and stumps. Their home range is from ½ to 2 acres. They can live 1-2 years in the wild.

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