Procyon lotor


  • Head and body 18-28 in; tail 8-12 in.
  • Weight 12-35 lb. (5.4-15.8 kg)
  • Body pepper and salt mixture
  • Black mask over eyes
  • Alternate rings of yellowish white and black on tail
  • Skull has 40 teeth


Along streams and lake borders near wooded areas or rock cliffs.


Mostly nocturnal, but is occasionally abroad during the day. Feeds mostly along streams and lakes; omnivorous; eats fruits, nuts, grains, insects, frogs, crayfish, bird eggs – whatever is available; may dunk food in the water before eating. Usually dens up in hollow trees, occasionally hollow logs, rock crevices, or ground burrows during cold spells in the North, but do not hibernate. The home range is up to 2 miles across, normally less than 1 mile.

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