Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes


  • Head and body 22-25 in.; tail 14-16 in.
  • Weight 10-15 lb. (4.5-6.7 kg)
  • Normally reddish yellow
  • Belly white
  • Bushy tail mixed with black hairs and tipped with white
  • Legs and feet black
  • Skull has 42 teeth

Mixture of forest and open country preferred.

Very active at night, early morning and late evening; often active during the day. Their food consists of available animals ranging in size from insects to hares; berries and other fruit. They often cache rabbits, mice and other animals near trails, especially when there is a cover of snow. The male brings food to the vixen for a few days after the pups are born, and later both bring food to the young in the den. They usually have one or more spare dens so that the pups may be moved on short notice if the home den is disturbed. Their home range is 1-2 sq. miles, but they often travel greater distances, especially in winter.

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