Eastern Gray Squirrel
Sciurus carolinensis


  • Head and body 8-10 in.; tail 7 ¾ - 10 in.
  • Weight 3/4 - 1 3/5 lb. (340-726 g)
  • Grayish color, washed with tawny in summer
  • Very bushy tail bordered with white-tipped hairs
  • Skull has 22 teeth


Hardwood forests with nut trees, river bottoms


Live primarily in the trees, and rarely ventures far from them. They feed on a great variety of nuts, seeds, fungi, fruits and often the cambium layer beneath the bark of trees. They store their nuts and acorns one by one in small holes in the ground. Many are never recovered and some will sprout to grow into new trees. They build their nests in holes in trees or a leaf nest in branches usually 25 ft. or more from the ground. Their home range is 2-7 acres.

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