Instructors: Mr. Chris Showalter Mrs. Trecia Neal
Phone: 678-874-7135 678-874-7139
Room: FSC Bird Room  


Day One: Introduction; Natural Selection; ID Review
Day Two: Hominid Lab; Taxonomy; Vertebrate Mysteries; MAPS Bird Banding
Day Three: *Bird Banding; Vertebrate Homework Due
Day Four: Quiz; Characteristics Lab
Day Five: *Lullwater Park Field Trip;
Day Six: Identification Test; Amphibians (Bio-indicators); *Amphibian Sampling Lab
*Indicates Outdoor Activities


Following this six-day program, you will be able to:


Your grade will be determined according to the following:

  1. Vertebrate I.D. Lab 30 pts
  2. Hominid Lab 15 pts
  3. Vertebrate Homework 10 pts
  4. Quiz 10 pts
  5. Characteristics Lab 15 pts
  6. Field Walk Checklist 10 pts
  7. Bio-indicator Lab 10 pts

Total Points: 100

Reminders – there will be NO late work accepted without an excused absence from the STT office. Cheating will not be tolerated and will earn all parties involved automatic zeros. *Please wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.