STT Microbiology


Ms. Philippi H. Snow, Instructor
678-874-7134, Office, Email

This course is an introduction to living organisms, and will focus on prokaryotes (kingdom Eubacteria), eukaryotes (kingdoms Protista, Animaliai), and viruses (e.g., human immunodeficiency virus or HIV). You will receive the following assessments:

Assessment Counts For
Lab Write-Up:  Prokaryotes/Bacteria 
Lab Activity Eukaryotes/Protista
Quizzes (2)
Classwork/Homeostasis Lab
Viral Transmission Lab
Wanted Brochure
Total Points

Note: A lab journal will be kept for the course to use for all notes but will not be graded.

Important. Please see the instructor as soon as you feel you may need help. We will be happy to help you outside of class at an agreed-upon time, but with 6 days for the course, you must arrange a time promptly, if needed. Your instructor will provide you with contact information.

Assignments will only be accepted on the day that they are due. The STT policy is that late work receives no credit. If you have an excused absence, assignments are due on the day you return to school. Work missed for any absence must be made up by coming back to the science center during non-school hours.

Copying answers or copying portions of answers of any assignment is considered cheating and is not acceptable. If there are unacceptable similarities on assignments, the consequences will be applied to all individuals involved.

I understand how my grade in STT Cell Biology will be determined. I have had the opportunity to ask any questions I might have about the grading procedure.

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