Anas platyrhynchos

Photos by Peter LaTourrette.  North American Birds Photo Gallery
Conditions of Use 

play call (Female does most of the "quacking")

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Field Marks

Adult male:

  • Gray back
  • Yellow bill
  • Green head
  • White ring around neck
  • Chestnut breast
  • Gray flanks and upperwing coverts
  • Black undertail coverts contrast with white tail

Adult female:

  • Orange bill with black central patch
  • Pale brown face
  • Dark cap and eye line
  • Mottled brown and tan plumage


Most often, Mallards prefer wetlands, where highly productive waters produce large amounts of floating, emergent and submerged vegetation Wetlands also produce a great deal of aquatic invertebrates on which mallards feed.


An abundant permanent resident in the Atlanta area near water sources