Belted Kingfisher
Ceryle alcyon


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Field Marks
  • Slate blue head, with white spot near lores
  • White chin, throat and neck
  • Slate blue breastband
  • Slate blue back and upperwing coverts with small white spots
  • Slate blue tail with numerous dark and light bands
  • Adult male has entirely white belly
  • Adult female has a reddish belly band extending down flanks


The belted kingfisher occurs in various aquatic habitats. It can inhabit lakes, mountain streams, coasts, mangrove, tidal creeks, swamps, rivers, garden ponds and calm marine waters. Clear, still water is necessary for fishing, as well as elevated perches such as trees for locating prey. 


The Belted Kingfisher is a permanent resident of the Atlanta area and is common near water sources.  It can be seen hovering over water and diving headfirst into water in pursuit of fish.