Whatever you’re looking for…
Fernbank Science Center Compost Demonstration Garden has it!
Come join the fun!

Volunteer Calendar

Want to master the art of composting? We’ve got it!
10 different kinds of compost bins and great composting tools, including sifters that we make on site in our sifter sweat shop. You’ll learn new skills while creating your newest favorite gardening tool.

Interested in plant identification? We’ve got it!
Our pollinator garden needs its plants labeled. (Some of our perennials have an identity crisis.)

Want to work in the vegetable garden? We’ve got it!
Our vegetable garden almost doubled in size last year. Past years we’ve had a pizza garden, 3 sisters, companion planting, and more. This summer our focus will be “Global Gardens - Food & Flavors from Five Continents”.

Herbs you say? We’ve got it!
Our herb garden has over 30 different kinds of herbs including a robust patch of comfrey (which we like to share). Plus an ‘herbivore’ dinosaur topiary.

Do you enjoy getting bogged down in the garden? We can help! Our bog garden needs some TLC

Do you like to weed? We definitely can fulfill your need to weed, and we even have a super knowledgeable Weedeorologist who can help you decide “should it stay or should we hoe?”

Do you like working with dedicated, fun, creative gardeners? Well, we’ve got those too, along with FSC teachers and staff who support the Master Gardener and volunteer program.

Do you enjoy working with others in the community? We’re the site for you! In addition to all the students and families that visit FSC, we offer educational opportunities like our “Vote for Compost” day and MGs help with the FSC semi-annual plant sales.