Coexisting with Coyotes

On Wednesday March 6, 2012, Dr. Chris Mowry, Biologist at Berry College and Dr. Larry Wilson, Ecologist at Fernbank Science Center, hosted a forum at Fernbank Science Center to discuss facts about coyotes and to address community concerns.

Dr. Mowry, who has studied coyotes in North Georgia for several years, led a 1-hour discussion about the natural history of coyotes, their range expansion in the United States over the last half decade and how people can coexist with coyotes moving forward. A thirty minute question-and-answer session followed, with Dr. Mowry and Dr. Wilson answering questions from the audience and addressing concerns.


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For more information about Dr. Mowry's research please click here.

Best Management Practices for Coexistence with Coyotes*

- Eliminate coyote feeding by residents

- Control free roaming, outdoor and feral cats

- Properly dispose of road kill and carcasses

- Control deer populations through hunting and limiting access to food

- Set policies for normal vs. problem coyotes


*Mitchell (2010) Narragansett Bay Coyote Study