Fernbank Science Center Faculty


Ed Albin, Ph.D.
Astronomer / Planetary Scientist

156 Heaton Park Drive
Atlanta, GA 30307
Telephone: 678-874-7121
FAX: 678-874-7110

Ph.D. University of Georgia
M.S. Arizona State University
B.S. Columbus State University

Teaching / Research Interests

Since 1988, Dr. Albin has served as an astronomer with Fernbank, where the majority of his instruction occurs within the planetarium and observatory. In addition to being curator of the center’s meteorite collection, his teaching / research interests include astronomy education, planetary science, and aeronautics. As an avid telescope maker, he periodically teaches an advanced study course for high school students on astronomy and telescope making, which provides participants with an opportunity to build a six-inch reflecting telescope. Dr. Albin is also a commercial helicopter pilot, flying weekend tours over the city of Atlanta.

Selected Publications

Albin, E. F., Harris, R. S., King, D. T., Jaret, S. J., Petruny, L. W., Gibson, C. J.,  2008, The Woodbury structure: Evidence for an ancient impact crater in west-central Georgia, Lunar and Planet. Sci., 39, 2506.

Albin, E., F., 2004, Earth Science Made Simple, Random House Pub., 224 p.

Albin, E. F., Norman, M. D., and Roden, M., 2000, Major and trace element compositions of georgiaites: Clues to the source of North American tektites, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 35, 795 - 806.

Albin, E. F., 1992, Observing the new Mars, Astronomy, 20, 74-79.

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