Natural Communities of Georgia - Teacher Created Lesson Plans

Natural Communities of Georgia Multi-Subject Lesson Plan
Grade 3
Created by Cicely Austin, Indian Creek Elementary; Tasha Messer, Sagamore Hills Elementary; Patricia O’Connor, Rowland Elementary and Holly Roth, Rowland Elementary

This unit plan demonstrates the real-world application and connection between a variety of academic subjects and special areas including Science, Social Studies, ELA, Music Art and PE.

Varied Natural Communities of Stone Mountain Park
Grade 5
Created by Evangeline Anoka, Stone Mountain Elementary

This lesson addresses the geology and ecology of Stone Mountain Park including the park’s geographical features as well as the habitats of a variety of plants and animals that live on top of one of the world’s largest piece of granite. The following models are used in the delivery of this lesson: SAMR, SEM, Bloom’s HOTS, Blended Learning Instruction, Project-Based Learning, and STEM/STEAM.

Ecoregions of Georgia Top 10 Task
Grade 5
Created by Demetreia Head, Vanderlyn Elementary School

In this lesson students are tasked with creating a top 10 list of sights for an assigned Georgia ecoregion. The students conduct research in order to construct their list and then turn their list into a multimedia presentation that could be used for a Georgia tourism campaign titled “C U in Georgia.”

Georgia’s Geographic Regions and Communities
Grade 8, Georgia Studies
Created by MJ Hollander, Peachtree Middle School

In this unit plan students review the five geographical regions of Georgia by labeling and coloring the regions on a map, work in small groups to research and report on the their assigned region and create a brochure describing a state park and the region where it is located.

“Living on a Rock is Hard….the Autobiography of _________”
Grade 4 and 5 - Middle School
Created by Patricia OConnor, Media Specialist @ Rowland Elementary School

Students write an autobiography on behalf of one of the plants or animals that live on Arabia Mt. a granite outcrop in the Piedmont Region of Georgia. A class trip to Arabia Mountain should take place before writing the autobiographies.

“Mapping” Georgia’s Habitats
Grade 3-5
Created by Crystal Lien (Paraprofessional), Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School

By outlining the boundaries of Georgia’s five natural ecosystems, students will identify the various plants, animals, habitats, food webs, landforms, and many ways that humans impact the delicate balance of these environments.

Natural Communities & Fire: Constructive and Deconstructive Forces
Grade: 4/5
Created by Allison Hutchinson, Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori School

Students research both the constructive and destructive nature of fire in the United States. The lesson includes researching long leaf pine and wiregrass and mapping the current and historical range of the longleaf pine community.