Eastern Coral Snake
Micrurus fulvius


  • Body ringed with black, yellow, and red; narrow yellow rings separating the wider red and black rings
  • rings continue across the belly of the snake
  • head is black
  • tail is black and yellow, without any red rings
  • See comparison with Scarlet Kingsnake


This snake occupies a variety of habitats, from dry, well-drained flatwoods and scrub areas to low, wet hammocks and the borders of swamps. They are quite secretive and are usually found under debris and in the ground, but occasionally they are found in the open, and have even been seen climbing the trunks of live oaks.


There are five subspecies of coral snakes that occurs from southeast N. Carolina south through Florida and west to Louisiana. The other four range from western Louisiana southwest through southern Texas to eastern & central Mexico

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