Who's foot?

SUMMARY: Discover how birds feet are different depending on where they live.

OBJECTIVES: Students will learn about different bird's adaptations to their habitats by comparing feet shape and size in a worksheet activity.


GRADES: 1 - 5


Background: Just like beaks, feet can give clues about a bird's food, habitat, and behavior. Feet can be used for scratching, wading, grasping, perching or swimming.

Materials: Whose Foot Is This? worksheet, plain unlined paper, scissors, glue, and markers.

How to: Discuss the different functions bird's feet can serve. Discuss different bird habitats and the type of feet that might be adapted for each lifestyle. Pass out the worksheet. Have the students cut out each bird and each foot on the worksheet and on a separate piece of paper, glue together the correct matches. The images can also be colored.