Brown Thrasher
Toxostoma rufum


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Brown Thrashers are mimics, meaning they mimic the calls of other birds.  Play the song above and notice that the song repeats each note 2 times.  You can tell this song from the other mimics Northern Mockingbird and Gray Catbird) because of the 2 notes.  "Mockers"  mimic notes in groups of 3 or more and catbirds mimic single notes at a time. 

The file above is in .mp3 format.  You will need an mp3 player in order to listen.  If you do not have an Mp3 player you can download one for free.  Click on the picture below.  It's free and works great!

Field Marks
  • Slender bill with base of lower mandible yellow
  • Rufous crown, nape and upperparts
  • Gray face
  • Yellow eye
  • White underparts with heavy black streaking
  • White wing bars
  • Long rufous tail
  • Yellow legs
  • Sexes similar


Most often found in dense vegetation in hedgerows, old fields, and wood edges where it often forages on the ground


The Brown Thrasher is a permanent resident of the Atlanta area and is the state bird of Georgia.  They are extremely secretive and can sometimes be hard to find in thickets.  Often heard before it is seen.